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Learn more about the new
panel cooker DIN-A-saur,
by clicking on the image.
DIN-A-saur solar panel cooker

Independent solar cooker research, consulting and tests.



AfriShiners 2nd International Workshop
June 21st - June 23rd, 2018, Kampala, Uganda
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[The new solar panel cooker DIN-A-saur - build up and info]

[DIY Dryer for solar panel cookers]

[Solar Funnel Cookers - complete information]

[The solar funnel cooker of Prof. Celestino Ruivo - build up and info]

[The advantages of Fireless Cookers]

[Fireless cookers - instructions for development aid organisations, multiplicators and grass-roots workers]

[The Jar-in-jar heat trap (green house) - build up and info]

[The Faro Declaration of Intent - a system change]

[Poster: The Faro Declaration of Intent]

[The Water Boiling Test for Solar Cookers WBTSC Free download]
The initial page of the WBTSC contains links to information on

  • The aperture area
  • The elevation angle of the sun
  • The local boiling point
  • etc.

[The African NGO NAREWAMA]

Watch the solar cookplace Primrose on YouTube.
Schematic display of the new fresnel reflector solar cooker, designed by Bernhard Mueller.
Fresnel Reflector Solar Cooker Bernhard Mueller Müller

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